Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Product Review: Paul Frank Stereo CD Boombox at Sparklebee!

The Nicholl household has been familiar with Paul Frank’s little buddy, Julius, for a few months now. We have had clothing and toys with that little guy on them, and we have come to love him. So Sadie was super excited to open the Paul Frank Stereo CD Boombox with AM/FM Radio with little Julius smiling up at her.

Sparklebee sent for review this black and red eye-catching clock with CD and radio. It’s easy to use for both parents and children. The red glow of the LED display is not too bright for a bedroom at night. The sound is excellent for both quiet times and dance nights. You can even plug your iPod and MP3 player into the auxiliary input jack. It’s also CD-R/RW compatible, which is a bonus because you can copy your original CD and let your child have the copied version since we all know those little hands don’t take quite as good care of the CDs as we would like. The radio stations come in easy and clear. The sturdy carrying handle makes it easy to take from room to room, and it can be used with batteries, which comes in handy for power outages or for taking it places where an outlet is not available, like camping.

This product is wonderful and would make a really nice Christmas gift for that special somebody on your list. Everybody loves Paul Frank and Julius! Check out the Paul Frank products and more at www.sparklebee.com.


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