Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Combat Draggy Afternoons with 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS Liquid B-12 Complex!

For me, my “sleepy time” is mid-afternoon. Just when my boisterous boys are getting home from school, I’m ready to take a nap! I don’t really like to rely on caffeinated soda for an energy boost every day, so I was really pleased to hear about a better alternative: 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS Liquid B-12 Complex. This product is made especially for women, and contains all-natural flavoring from fruit juices -- cherry, passion fruit mango, and papaya -- which are sourced from U.S. orchards. Best of all, it’s delicious! I’ve been using it every afternoon for a great pick-me-up!

1st Step PRO-WELLNESS Liquid B-12 Complex contains B-12, B-9, and B-6 vitamins, which are important for your metabolism, nervous system, vital organs, eyes, muscles, skin and hair. This 99% pure pharmaceutical-grade B-12 complex converts food into energy, without caffeine, niacin or artificial flavorings. It’s also gluten-free and 100% vegetarian. I love both the cherry and tropical flavors. Check out this chart to learn more about the benefits of 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS Liquid B-12 Complex:

1st Step PRO-WELLNESS is currently holding an awesome contest on Facebook! The first-place winner will receive a free year’s supply of 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS Liquid B-12 Complex, 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS swag, and a Walgreen's gift card! A runner-up will receive a 6-month supply of 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS Liquid B-12 Complex and 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS swag. CLICK HERE to enter, and please be sure to say you read about the contest on Susan Heim on Parenting so I can get some free stuff, too! The giveaway ends on November 19, 2012, so you’ll want to hurry over to enter.

Save $4 on any 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS products with this coupon at$4_coupon.pdf!

For more than 10 years, the 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS brand has been the nutritional brand of choice by more than 330 collegiate and pro sports teams! I’m a big fan of the 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS Liquid B-12 Complex. If you've been dragging lately, I hope you’ll pick up some today at Walgreen’s, Bi Lo, Publix, Kroger and more than 2,000 independent retailers nationwide.


1st Step PRO-WELLNESS Website:


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