Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Children’s Book Review: The Armpit of Doom: Funny Poems for Kids, by Kenn Nesbitt

An effective way to get reluctant little readers to read is by introducing them to funny poems. Thankfully, Kenn Nesbitt is the master of silly kids’ poetry, and he has a brand-new book called The Armpit of Doom: Funny Poems for Kids! It’s filled with 70 of the most rib-tickling, thigh-slapping verses you have ever read. There are poems about broccoli for breakfast, bubble wrap, and a Bagel Bird! Frankenstein, turkey, and chickens! Obviously, Nesbitt really understands kids’ humor. My children love this clever poem in The Armpit of Doom:

Melvin the Mummy

Melvin the mummy, who lived near the Nile,
had worked as a mummy for more than a while,
for mummies can go their entire careers
without a vacation for thousands of years.

He guarded the pyramids day after day
to frighten the burglars and bandits away,
which meant, as he stood watching over the pharaohs,
he often got shot at with bullets and arrows.

His job was so stressful, the pay was so poor,
but, still, Melvin stayed and protected the door
until he got sick of his sad situation
and knew that he needed to take a vacation.

His crypt was so dark and so cold and so clammy,
he packed up his swimsuit and flew to Miami.
He thought he would stay there for just a few days,
enjoying the beach and absorbing some rays.

But, sadly, poor Melvin would never return,
and this is a lesson all mummies should learn:
Don’t take any trips or, like Melvin, you’ll find
vacations make mummies relax and unwind.

Kenn Nesbitt recently visited my children’s school, and he gave several fantastic presentations! He entertained the kids with his books and poems, and even taught them how to write their own poetry. He chatted with the children and signed books for them, all with a personal touch. If you are looking for an author to visit your school, I highly recommend Kenn Nesbitt!

Besides his poetry books, Nesbitt has written a spirited picture book for younger kids called MORE BEARS! And my son, who’s almost 9, can’t stop reading Kenn Nesbitt’s irreverent book, The Ultimate Top Secret Guide to Taking Over the World. Visit Kenn Nesbitt’s website at for more information about his books, podcasts, author visits, writing poetry, and much more! And be sure to pick up a copy of The Armpit of Doom, as well as Kenn Nesbitt’s other books, to share with your children or their classroom!

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