Thursday, November 08, 2012

Anyone Can Create Beautiful Art with Rangoli!

My son, Austen, really loves to draw, and he has been absolutely hooked on a recent book we received for review: Rangoli: An Indian Art Activity Book, by Suma O'Farrell. In fact, everyone in our family has used this book because it’s so much fun. Rangoli comes from India and refers to a special drawing done on the ground by the front entrance of a home or building to welcome visitors. The drawings are created using a grid of dots. In this book, you’ll find hundreds of ideas for creating beautiful rangoli drawings, as well as a large selection of grids to create your own. For example, in the drawing below, you can see how the grid on the right is transformed into the beautiful artwork on the left!

A simple grid like the one below can also be transformed with rangoli!

I love how this artist created a ship using rangoli!

The possibilities are endless! This full-cover book is gorgeous and gives all kinds of ideas for stimulating the imagination. For example, they show how to make pinwheels, kites, nature-inspired drawings, and geometric shapes. Children are taught about patterns, borders, symmetry, color, and 3D effects. This book will keep your child busy for months! An image gallery and photographs of real rangoli art from India help to stimulate creativity.

I’m so excited about my son’s response to Rangoli: An Indian Art Activity Book that I’m going to purchase additional copies for gifts this holiday season. By using rangoli grids, even people who don’t have a strong talent for art can create gorgeous drawings and unique patterns. Imagine your children’s sense of accomplishment when they see what they can make! I hope you’ll pick up a copy of this awesome book for your family. Visit for additional information, grids, ideas and more!

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