Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Safety in a Backpack from iSafe!

Imagine that your child is walking to the bus stop and a stranger approaches him and offers to give him a ride to school. Your child lifts a small flap on the shoulder strap of his backpack, pulls out a pin, and a loud alarm sounds, sending the stranger running back to his car! Your child is safe, thanks to the attention he has drawn to the scene with the iSafe backpack he’s wearing.

Backpacks and other bags from iSafe are the first to feature a battery-powered alarm system that sends out both an audible (a siren) and visible (flashing lights) alarm to draw attention to a potentially dangerous situation and help to scare off people who mean harm. It’s also an extremely helpful aid if a child becomes lost or experiences a medical emergency. Use it when camping, at a crowded theme park or mall, or anyplace when a child may become separated or exposed to a threatening situation. It’s perfect for adults, too, who may be hiking alone or venturing into a risky area.

Our family had the opportunity to test the iSafe backpack, and it’s very easy to use. Just insert two 9-volt batteries into the battery pack hidden inside the backpack. It’s securely fastened into a separate compartment so it won’t get jostled by the contents of the bag. I took one of my 8-year-old sons outside to test the alarm, and he easily pulled the pin to set off the loud alarm. He was also able to quickly insert the pin again to shut off the alarm. My husband has been using our iSafe backpack to carry items he needs to coach our sons’ baseball team. He likes that it’s lightweight since he’s often carting a lot of equipment to the games.

If your child is going to be using an iSafe backpack, train him or her well in using the alarm and turning it off. Most of all, be sure you’re confident that your child knows when it’s appropriate to use the alarm. You don’t want to receive a phone call from school that your child is setting off the alarm in class to impress his classmates! If you decide that your child shouldn’t be using the alarm, it can easily be turned off or removed.

iSafe bags come in many fashionable styles and colors so everyone in the family can pick a bag that suits their taste! Visit to learn more about this terrific safety product.

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