Saturday, October 06, 2012

More Than 25 Luscious Ways to Top Pancakes

By Dennis Weaver, The Prepared Pantry

At the Prepared Pantry, we knew we could come up with 25 terrific ways to top pancakes. Counting all the fruit and cream syrups that we carry, we came up with a lot more. Here they are:

• 18 gourmet syrups from coconut cream to huckleberry syrup
• Buttermilk syrup (Buttermilk syrup is terrific. We have buttermilk syrup mixes in old fashioned and cinnamon syrups.)

Caramel whipped cream (Actually, any flavored whipped cream is excellent on pancakes.)
Bavarian cream. Spread this luscious cream filling between the pancakes before drizzling the syrup. Or make stuffed pancakes and use any of nine pastry fillings.
• Peach melba on gingerbread pancakes

Apple Pancakes with Walnut Caramel Topping
• Top your pancakes with fresh fruit -- bananas, berries, and peaches are great. I love sliced mango topped with coconut syrup.
• This lemon syrup recipe is terrific.

• Toast some nuts in a skillet and toss them over the pancakes.
• Top your pancakes with crisp bacon and shredded cheddar. Maple syrup and bacon is a terrific combination.

For more pancake ideas, get this free e-book -- “The Perfect Pancake.”

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