Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Fun with Shutterfly and Frankenweenie!

Shutterfly has partnered with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures to make your Halloween more magical by creating trick-or-treat bags featuring characters from the new film, FRANKENWEENIE! Check out the fun Frankenweenie bag my son received from Shutterfly!

For more Halloween fun, go to Shutterfly’s Storytelling tab! Here are some of the great things you’ll find there:

DIY Trick-or-Treat Bags: Score loads of sweets on Halloween by creating a customized candy sack with a photo, print or child’s artwork.

Halloween Riddle Reveal Plates: Kids will eat their veggies to learn the answer!

Tips for Taking Pictures at the Pumpkin Patch: A few fun ways to capture the outing.

Top 10 Halloween Photos to Take: Don't miss any big or little moments on the Night of Fright!

And check out this sweet Halloween video from Shutterfly!

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Now, head over to Shutterfly for plenty of Halloween fun!


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