Friday, October 12, 2012

Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors with Trampolines and Accessories from Big Game Hunters!

Once my boys get outside, they love to play, but sometimes it takes a little encouragement to coax them away from the computer or TV. It helps to have some really great outdoor activities for them to do! That’s where Big Game Hunters comes in… They have an amazing selection of products designed to help children and their families spend more time outdoors and engaged in play. From giant garden games to swimming pools and playhouses, your kids are sure to find something fun and entertaining.

One activity that can get the whole family together is jumping on a trampoline! At Big Game Hunters, they carry many different shapes, sizes and brands of trampolines. Of course, it’s important to have fun, but trampolines should also be used safely, which is why Big Game Hunters carries all of the trampoline accessories you need to keep everyone from harm.

For example, they carry Safety Enclosures, which are designed to keep you from bouncing off the trampoline while jumping. You should also get some Trampoline Pads so fingers and toes don’t get pinched in the springs.

When you’re not using the trampoline, you should use a Trampoline Cover. A cover can help to keep your trampoline clean, as well as prolong its life while being exposed to harsh weather conditions. It can also help keep children safe because it serves as a signal to them that it’s not time to play on the trampoline.

And here’s a fun idea that is new to me: Convert your trampoline into a tent for the kids with a Trampoline Tent! Why not camp out in the yard after a fun day of playing outdoors? My boys would LOVE this!

Needless to say, trampolines should only be used under adult supervision. And investigate local safety codes. Our area, for example, requires that yards with trampolines be completely fenced-in to prevent unsupervised use. You want to be sure you know the law before you purchase a trampoline.

Check out the terrific selection of trampolines and accessories at Big Game Hunters through the links below. And explore the other items they have to encourage your whole family to get outdoors and have fun together!

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