Sunday, October 28, 2012

Educate Kids About Bullying with the Captain McFinn and Friends Series!

October is Anti-Bullying Month, and if your children are in school, I hope they’ve been talking a lot about the subject. But addressing the subject at school is not enough. We should be speaking to our kids at home about the dangers of bullying, too. One way to do that is with the Captain McFinn and Friends book series, created by Phyllis Cafaro. The series includes three books (hardcover, softcover, and eBooks), an activity book, a sing-a-long music CD, a mobile app, and educational materials for adults to help teach children between the ages of 4 and 8 about kindness and friendship. Children should be educated about anti-bullying as early as possible so that they acquire a life-long habit of being kind to others and standing up to bullying.

I received copies of the books in this series for review. In these books, we meet Captain McFinn (a shark), Stink & Stank (mean barracuda brothers), Bella (a kind angelfish), Three-Tooth (a rabbitfish), Coral Rose (a magical princess), Inky (a friendly octopus), and other fun characters. In The Legend of Captain McFinn and Friends, McFinn the mean shark turns into a nice guy when he sees the power of friendship, which helps him out of a tough spot. The sea creatures band together to help Coral Rose save a coral reef from people who are destroying it in Captain McFinn and Friends Meet Coral Rose. In Captain McFinn and Friends Rock!, the friends make musical instruments out of junk in the ocean and form a Friend-Ship Band! They also learn to show compassion for Bella when it turns out she’s not a great musician and feels left out of the band. All three books help parents and teachers talk about the power of friendship over meanness.

I also received a brochure about the S.H.A.R.K. Patrol program. The Students Help Achieve Respect & Kindness Patrol anti-bullying program is for teachers to educate K-3 students about bullying and how to protect themselves. There are puppets of the sea animals from the books, stickers, teacher guides, posters, and many other materials available to help teachers and administrators build a program at school to discourage bullying. I hope you'll visit to learn more about all of the wonderful materials available for families and educators to teach children to “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully”! Visit Captain McFinn and Friends on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this book review Susan. I think you are correct, the power of friendship over meanness is an important message to share with children. It is critically important that children gain both confidence and the willingness to speak up when they observe bullying.


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