Monday, October 29, 2012

Celebrate Neighborhood Toy Store Day and Support Your Local Toy Stores This Season! #toystoreday #localtoystore #shoplocal

I can’t believe that the month of October is almost over! But we have plenty to look forward to in November. Not only will we celebrate Thanksgiving, but it’s Neighborhood Toy Store Day on Saturday, November 10th! The holiday shopping season is a great time to support your local neighborhood toy store. When you visit, you’ll find a terrific online resource to help you learn more about the best toys on the market -- those items with the “woohoo factor” that make you or your kids jump for joy when you find them! You’ll also find articles with expert advice about toys and play, a local toy store locator, and much more.

So, why should you shop locally? Every $100 spent in local, independently owned stores returns $68 to the community in the form of taxes, salaries, charitable contributions and more (Source: 3/50 Project). Shopping locally also fosters a sense of community, helps you locate items that might not be available nationally, and offers more personalized customer service. And when you visit participating stores on Saturday, November 10th, you’ll discover fun activities, craft projects, live performances and/or special discounts to celebrate Neighborhood Toy Store Day!

My children were sent examples of some of the terrific quality products that might be available for sale at your neighborhood toy store. Check them out!

Playmobil Future Planet Playset

My boys, age 8, LOVE this toy! This amazing space station has plenty of moving parts and even a working solar panel that powers a ventilator! They put it in front of the window on a sunny day, and it really works! The Playmobil Future Planet playset encourages imaginative play and provides kids between the ages of 7-12 a real sense of accomplishment when they put it together.

Mine Shift Game by MindWare

This two-player game is a ton of fun. I love that all ages enjoy it, even adults. It’s a strategy game where you try to beat your opponent by getting your jewels from one end of the maze to the other by rotating and shifting the tiles on the board, and moving and jumping your jewels. It’s easy to learn but a great brain challenge!

Nanoblock Electric Guitar

These micro-sized building blocks can be assembled to construct a realistic-looking electric guitar! This set is for ages 8+, and my boys found it to be quite challenging! But with a little help from their big brother, they put it together and were thrilled with it. The small size makes this the perfect stocking stuffer!

All of the toys featured above can be found at independent toy stores nationwide. I hope you’ll visit to locate your local toy stores and do your holiday shopping with them this year. And don’t forget to visit on Saturday, November 10 in celebration of Neighborhood Toy Store Day. Spread the word and visit the following social media sites to show your support!

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