Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Product Review: Lumene Skin Care!

I love trying new beauty products. I am a sucker for pretty packaging, too. So I was VERY excited to review the Lumene products I received in the mail. A whole regime was waiting for me, and I couldn’t wait to try it out!

I started with the Cleansing Wipes. Now my experience with cleansing wipes before has not been very good because I found them to be very drying. But the Lumene wipes were wonderful! The soft cloth was easy on my sensitive skin, and I did not find them drying at all. They stayed moist in the package provided as well, which is a bonus. After the cleanser, I put on the Radiant Touch Refreshing Toner. The toner from Lumene was amazing and non-drying. I loved the light scent. I went on to try the Pure Radiance Beauty Drops. It felt like I was rubbing silk on my skin, and what I thought was going to leave an oily mess proved me wrong. After I opened the drops and put them on my face, they were gone. Magical. My skin appeared to be smoother and a little brighter, and I think I have the beauty drops to thank for that!

I had a few options for moisturizer. My favorite was the Vitamin C+ Pure Radiance 24H Lotion. It had just the right amount of moisture ... not too much but not too little. The smooth feel and light scent were divine. On days when I was in the sun, I used the Vitamin C+ Pure Radiance Day Cream SPF 15. I loved them both but like a SPF only when needed.

Lumene uses cloudberry, which is an age-defying seed oil. Their products also contain vitamin C, which is beneficial to our health. Thanks to its detox properties, it helps our skin look brighter and more radiant. I give Lumene two thumbs up! I have been nothing but pleased and will continue to use these products as I love the results! Check them out at www.lumene.com. I believe you will love them, too!


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