Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our Family’s Birthday Tradition at Disney World

With all four of my sons, we took them to Disney World for the very first time for their 6th birthdays. It really was the perfect age to introduce them to the Magic Kingdom. I’d seen too many families struggle with smaller children, who got overtired after a long day of walking. When kids are about six, they’re old enough to go on many of the rides, no longer require naps, and get so excited about all of the wonders of Disney. Here are some photos from my twins’ 6th birthday trip to Disney!

Did you notice the birthday buttons they were wearing? When you let Disney World (or a Disney hotel) know that your child is celebrating his or her birthday at Disney, they give them a birthday button to wear in the park. Everywhere they go, strangers will yell out, “Happy Birthday!” My birthday boys loved it!

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