Thursday, September 13, 2012

Make Special Birthday Memories with Personalized Birthday Cards from Treat!

It’s hard to find a family that hasn’t been negatively impacted by the economy. Most of us are looking for ways to cut expenses. One thing we noticed in our family was how much we were spending on birthday gifts for extended family members. Since we often live far away from each other, we really struggled to know what to get. We usually ended up spending a lot of money on a gift (and shipping it) that really didn’t excite the recipient or was a duplicate. So, now we have an agreement in our family: We no longer buy birthday gifts for the adults. We only shop for the kids. We do send cards, however, just to wish “Happy Birthday” to those we love and let them know we’re thinking about them!

Even with the agreement, I felt guilty that I wasn’t sending something “special” to family members for their birthdays, until I discovered the personalized birthday cards at Treat! They’re perfect because I can have them printed with whatever name and photos I wish, so my recipient is receiving a card that’s tailor-made just for him or her, not an impersonal card from the store. Plus, I was amazed to find that the prices are comparable! I’ve found that I’m not spending any more on personalized cards, but I’m definitely getting much more!

And here are some even better reasons to send personalized birthday cards from Treat -- things that you definitely won’t receive at a regular card store.
  • You can have them include a gift card from popular retailers like iTunes, Starbucks, Target, Amazon, Home Depot and more!
  • You can pre-schedule delivery so that you won’t forget to send your card.
  • Set up reminders and they’ll email you when a loved one’s birthday is coming up! (You can even import birthdays from your Facebook account.)
  • You can have Treat send your card directly to the recipient!
  • Their design selection is fantastic!
And these cards are SO easy to make! Select your card. Plug in the text. Upload your photos and arrange them. It can’t get any easier! Here’s the card I designed for my Uncle John. As you can see, the front, inside and back of the card are ALL personalized!

I also got this beautiful card for my Aunt Helen. As you can see, it has her name on the front. I used the same photos as the card above (for her brother) on the inside and back of the card.

Treat has a huge variety of personalized birthday cards, whether you like funny, beautiful, simple, or touching. Your special person will LOVE receiving a personalized birthday card from Treat! Visit their awesome selection today at


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