Monday, September 24, 2012

Funny Face Dried Cranberries: A Healthier Snack Option!

Sometimes, I really struggle to find healthier options for my boys’ school lunches, so I was really excited to hear about a new product called Funny Face Dried Cranberries! They look kind of like red raisins, and they come in four fun flavors: Rootin’ Tootin’ Raspberry, Choo Choo Cherry, Freckle Face Strawberry, and Goofy Grape.

Funny Face Dried Cranberries are all-natural snacks made with real fruit. They’re naturally fat-free and have 5 times more fiber than traditional sweetened dried cranberries. My husband likes them so much that he keeps a bag of Funny Face Dried Cranberries on his desk and munches on them when he wants a healthy snack. We received the Freckle Face Strawberry and Choo Choo Cherry for review. His favorite was the cherry, although he likes them both. I think they’re tasty, too!

Will your children eat them? Like anything, it really depends on the kinds of flavors they like. Even though these are sweetened, you still get a bit of the tart taste that cranberries naturally have. One of my sons likes them; the other doesn’t. Why not pick up a package and give them a try with your kids? If they like them, they’re a terrific option for getting something healthy in their school lunch or as an after-school snack. Learn more about Funny Face Dried Cranberries through the links below.



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