Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Fieldcrest Luxury Down Alternative Pillow: A Luxury Pillow with a Great Target Price!

My parents were visiting recently, and I was a bit embarrassed when my dad told me that the pillow on the guest bed was flat! Fortunately, I saved the day when I produced a Fieldcrest Luxury Down Alternative Pillow that I’d recently received for review. The next morning, my dad told me, “I really like that pillow! Where can I get one?” And when I told him that he could find the pillow at Target, he vowed to get one as soon as he returned home! Needless to say, this pillow was a huge hit.

My husband and I have also been using the Fieldcrest Luxury Down Alternative Pillow, and we’ve been thrilled with it. Made with DACRON® Memory Fiber, this pillow seems to be the perfect balance between firm and soft. It keeps your head up so you can breathe well, but not so high that it hurts your neck. And it’s super-soft, but not so soft that you feel like you’re drowning. It’s comfortable like a feather pillow, but has the benefits of a standard pillow. We would definitely purchase this pillow again. And since it’s available at Target, the price is just right for our budget.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Fieldcrest Luxury Down Alternative Pillow is not only budget-friendly and comfortable, but also hypoallergenic and machine-washable. It even comes with a soft 300-thread count 100% cotton sateen stripe cover, and is available in Standard/Queen ($19.99 SRP) and King ($24.99 SRP) sizes. If you’re tired of attempting to sleep on an uncomfortable pillow, I encourage you to try out the Fieldcrest Luxury Down Alternative Pillows at Target stores and I think you’ll be very happy with these luxury pillows at a price you’ll like!


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