Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Cartoon Network’s "Almost Naked Animals" Hit Show Has Arrived on DVD and More!

My boys have recently become fans of the Cartoon Network show, Almost Naked Animals! This silly cast of underwear-wearing animals hangs out at the Banana Cabana, a beachfront hotel managed by Howie, who has a lot to learn about running a hotel! Almost Naked Animals was highly rated on TV among kids aged 6-11, and is now debuting on DVD on September 25, 2012. The first volume of this series is called, Almost Naked Animals: It’s My Party! My boys watched every episode from beginning to end, and then asked to show it to their friend. I heard plenty of chuckles and comments coming from them while they were watching it. They had a great time watching the silly adventures of Howie, Octo, Narwhal, Sloth, Duck, Poodle, and all the other “almost naked” characters on the show.

And when kids head over to www.AlmostNakedAnimals.com, they can play fun online games, such as “Piggy’s Cooking Challenge” and “Bunny’s Super Skydiving Adventure”! An “Online Super Game” will launch on September 25th to celebrate the release of the new DVD. Plus, you’ll find a HUGE selection of Almost Naked Animals merchandise, including t-shirts, notebooks, tote bags, water bottles, plush animals, and other great items thanks to Café Press and 9 Story Entertainment. Of course, you can also purchase underwear! Check out the awesome Almost Naked Animals gear my son is modeling at right.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the DVD, Almost Naked Animals: It’s My Party! on September 25th. It includes the first six episodes of the first season, plus several bonus videos! It’s available for only $6.99 at Target and other retailers. And don’t forget to pick up your Almost Naked Animals merchandise and check out the online games, too, at www.AlmostNakedAnimals.com.

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  1. Sarah Peppel1:54 PM

    Your son makes a great model for the t-shirt and ANA items! Thank you for this review!



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