Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wake Up in the Mornings with Don Tomas Coffee!

This week was our twins’ first week back to school, and I have to admit that the need for coffee in the morning was more acute than ever! Summer camp started an hour later than school, and it’s amazing how much a difference it makes in how you feel when you’re getting an hour less sleep in the morning. So, coffee is a must these days, and I found a great “wake-up coffee” from Don Tomas! This Nicaraguan coffee consists of 100% handpicked Arabica coffee. And the taste? Wow!

Don Tomas Coffee comes in several varieties (and there are decaf and half-decaf options, too, if you don’t need help waking up). Both options that I tried were very hearty and flavorful. If you like your coffee a little on the strong side, you’ll definitely love Don Tomas Coffee. My parents visited us recently, and I served Don Tomas Coffee to them. My dad liked it so much that he took home one of my bags of coffee!

At, you can order your coffees individually or join their Coffee Club to schedule regular deliveries. There’s also a fundraising program to help you raise money for your child’s school or other organization. Choose from the following Grind options: Whole Bean, Espresso, Cone Drip, Flat Bottom Drip, French Press, Percolator. A description of each coffee is provided to help you decide which one (or more) you would like to try first! I hope you’ll consider Don Tomas Coffee if you’re a coffee lover. Visit them through the links below.

Don Tomas Coffee Company Website:


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