Sunday, August 05, 2012

Book Review: Titanic: Disaster at Sea, by Philip Wilkinson

This year marked the 100th anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Titanic, and Capstone Press has commemorated the event with the publication of a fantastic book called Titanic: Disaster at Sea, by Philip Wilkinson. This beautifully illustrated book is chock-full of interesting anecdotes and facts about the Titanic.

It begins by showcasing “The Golden Age of Ocean Liners,” then covers the building of the Titanic, with fold-out pages that examine the ship in extensive detail. The many people who ran the ship, the passengers (from the very poor to the extremely wealthy), and the letters they wrote are featured. And then, of course, it covers the tragedy through a precise timeline that begins with the sighting “of large quantities of ice in the area to which Titanic is sailing” and ends with the arrival of the Carpathia in New York, carrying 705 survivors. The book then takes us forward several decades to explore the finding of the Titanic, the artifacts that have been uncovered, and how this tragic event has been remembered through film and memorials around the world. The end of the book contains a pull-out poster of the Titanic that can be displayed.

This gorgeous book makes a wonderful gift for anyone who is fascinated by the Titanic, ships, or history. It’s perfect for sharing with children because they’ll love the rich illustrations and photographs, the short sections that can be read in brief sittings, and the interesting “story” that just happens to be true! I hope you’ll introduce your children to this pivotal event in history by sharing Titanic: Disaster at Sea with them.


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