Thursday, August 30, 2012

AsthmaSense: Manage Asthma Efficiently with This Free Android or Apple App!

If you or someone in your family has asthma, you know that it’s a serious condition that needs careful monitoring. Now there’s a new app, called AsthmaSense, which allows you to monitor and manage your or your child’s asthma from any Android or Apple device! When you install it on your phone, you have a portable and effective tool for keeping track of your asthma medications or other actions you take to monitor asthma.

I think this app is especially useful for teens with asthma because they’re accustomed to using apps and performing various functions on their phones. Henry Ehrlich of told me, “Whenever I’m with my kids at a restaurant or watching TV and I wonder about some song that comes on, they whip out their iPhones, hit an app and tell me the name of the song, the artist, and the year it was recorded. If you hit the right button, you can download it. If you can do that, it makes sense that somewhere in ‘the cloud’ there’s something that can tell you if your asthma is behaving itself or not.”

I was provided with a copy of AsthmaSense for review, and while I couldn’t fully test it because no one in our household has asthma, I checked out some of the features of the program. First, I set an alarm to tell me when to take medication. Sure enough, at exactly the right time, it alerted me to the need to take my meds! There are also options to enter a Peak Flow Measurement, a Wheeze Rate, or various asthma symptoms. When I entered a random number for the Peak Flow Measurement, it gave me the message, “Susan’s Asthma may be Not Well controlled.” There’s even a quick button to dial 911 if you’re experiencing a severe attack. And having an ongoing record of your symptoms and medications makes it easy to share with your doctor or emergency personnel. Watch this brief video to view the features and benefits of the AsthmaSense app:

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Managing asthma symptoms and medications just got a lot easier with the AsthmaSense app. If you or your children or grandchildren have asthma, I highly encourage you to download the FREE AsthmaSense app to your smartphone or computer. Learn more about this amazing tool through the links below.



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