Monday, July 23, 2012

Monsuno Trading Cards, Action Figures and Cores Are the New Collectible Craze!

If your kids love the popular Monsuno animated series on NickToons, they’ll be thrilled to know that JAKKS Pacific has a new line of Monsuno toys and cards! With the Monsuno cards, your kids can play several versions of the Monsuno Trading Card Game. My kids are still learning how to play the game…

…but their favorite thing to do with the cards is to collect them! My boys love to collect cards and compete with each other to get different cards. Fortunately, there are Monsuno booster packs available so your kids can add to their original collection. My son loves to check out his collection…

Each Monsuno character in the TV show has its own card that kids can collect and trade. There are 156 cards, plus a special foil version of each one. Every 12-card booster pack has a special foil card. And the cards have 4 different “rarities” to collect (common, uncommon, rare and ultra rare). Trust me, your kids will know what this all means! They can also visit for game rules, how-to-play videos and more.

My boys also enjoy the Monsuno action figures…

The action figures actually fold up into tube-like toys called cores, and then they pop out when kids drop them or knock them into each other. Watch this video to see how it works:

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There are also smaller die cast cores available that kids can collect…

Monsuno cards and toys are especially popular among boys, ages 6-10. If you have a child in that category, consider introducing Monsuno the next time they have their friends over! They’ll have hours of enjoyment trading cards, playing the game, and knocking their cores together. Learn more at the websites below.

Monsuno website:
Previously aired episodes:


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