Monday, July 09, 2012

DeliverLean: Healthy, Gourmet Meals Delivered Right to Your Door!

I recently discovered a fantastic program that’s perfect for someone like me who struggles to eat healthy meals and doesn’t like to cook. The company is called DeliverLean, and they deliver meals that are tailor-made just for your dietary needs right to your doorstep! Here’s how it works: You speak to a nutritionist at DeliverLean about your dietary goals and needs. You might be, for example, a 5’4” female who weighs 140 pounds, and you want to lose 15 pounds through healthier eating and exercise four mornings a week. The nutritionist will then recommend just the right meal program for you, taking into account your food allergies and dislikes. (I told them, for example, that I don’t like green peppers, so none of my meals contained them.) Then, delicious meals are delivered to your doorstep between 4-7 AM, all packed in a cooler bag, and you just pop them into the refrigerator when you get up!

So, what kinds of food can you expect from DeliverLean? I think you’ll be amazed at the wonderful meals they provide. For example, breakfast might include Sunny Side Up Eggs over Sweet Potato Hash Browns with Grilled Tomato. Or you might receive Pineapple & Coconut Multigrain Pancakes with Mango Syrup. Lunches and dinners are just as amazing. How about a Maple Glazed Turkey Chop Steak with Celeriac Mash and Steamed Squash? Or Mandarin Chicken Stir-Fry over Short Grain Wild Rice? For lunch, you might enjoy a Citrus Shrimp Wrap or a Corned Beef Reuben Wrap.

My husband and I both tried out the meals from DeliverLean. Keep in mind that these were their standard meals and are the same meals that everyone enjoys (not tailor-made to impress us). My husband had the Turkey Piccata with Citrus Quinoa & Cauliflower, and he absolutely raved about it. He kept saying, “I’ve got to find out how they prepare this turkey. I’ve never tasted such wonderful turkey before!” I loved the Asian Beef Stir Fry with Vegetables & Citrus Brown Rice. The beef was tender and so tasty. I cannot describe adequately how much we enjoyed these meals. Every single one of them was delicious. And I was so happy not to have to figure out what to eat each day. I just pulled the specified meal out of the fridge, heated it (if applicable), and totally enjoyed it. Best of all, I felt great knowing that I was eating something that was good for me. (By the way, the calories, protein and carbs are listed on the label for each meal in case you’re keeping track of those things.) Here are actual pictures of some of the meals we received:

I highly recommend DeliverLean! Would you like to try them, too? Here’s a great opportunity:

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Feel free to contact Alli at if you are interested in DeliverLean or have any questions at all about their food or service. She’ll be happy to answer your questions and let you know how they may assist you! You’ll also want to check out DeliverLean through the links below.


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