Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Movie Review: Radio Rebel

“Mom, can we watch Radio Rebel?” I hear that question a lot because my boys love this movie! This Disney Channel hit just premiered on DVD and digital download, and was the #1 telecast of the night for kids 2-14 when it first aired on TV. In the movie, Debby Ryan stars as Tara Adams, a shy and ordinary high school junior. Nobody guesses that she’s also Radio Rebel, the most popular DJ in town! As Radio Rebel, Tara talks to her teen audience about the stupidity of cliques and popularity games, and she encourages her peers to embrace their individuality as well as that of others. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to hear Tara’s message, including the mean girl, Stacy, and their school principal. They’re determined to uncover Radio Rebel’s identity and have her expelled.

Radio Rebel is not only entertaining, but it teaches kids about learning to love themselves and accepting people for who they are. In the movie, Tara is quiet at school, but a popular boy, Gavin, sees her shining personality beneath the shy façade and ultimately realizes that he’d rather hang out with Tara than with snotty Stacy.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Radio Rebel for your family. It’s great for Family Movie Night, summer road or plane trips, or any time! Kids will also enjoy the special features that include a blooper reel, music video, and “On the Set with Debby Ryan.”


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