Friday, June 15, 2012

Create a Treasured Sports Keepsake at Make-A-Ball! (DISCOUNT CODE)

My 8-year-old twin boys are really into sports. One plays basketball. The other is on a swim team. Both take golf lessons. And they’re both crazy about baseball! For the past two seasons, their Little League team went to the finals, winning first place in one season and second place in the other. The boys also played in the all-star game. Needless to say, playing baseball is a big deal in their lives, something that they’ll always want to remember and commemorate. I recently discovered an excellent way to do that at Make-A-Ball!

At Make-A-Ball, you can customize all kinds of sports balls with your favorite photos, logos and text so you’ll always have a special keepsake from your team. They will personalize a baseball, football, soccer ball, basketball, hockey puck, softball or volleyball! I love how colorful and unique these balls are. They are truly a work of art! You can design your own ball using their online design tool. Or if you’re graphically challenged like me, just give them a call and talk to them. Order a special ball for your little (or big) sports star or for the whole team! Make-A-Ball offers great discounts for bulk orders.

I asked Make-A-Ball to make a baseball for my sons to commemorate their recent Little League baseball season, and we are so impressed with our customized baseball! It has a photo of the two of them, a photo of their team, their names and the team name and season on it, all laid out in the colors and design of their team. (See photo at left.) In a word, it’s AWESOME! It’s beautifully stitched and made to last. We will treasure it always.

I hope you’ll visit and discover how you can order a one-of-a-kind customized sports ball (or puck) for your child, your team, or yourself. These make great gifts for the coach, team mom, or friends! Just click on the banner below to get started.

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