Thursday, May 17, 2012

Third Thursday Thoughts: How Has Parenting Changed You?

Welcome to another edition of Third Thursday Thoughts, brought to you by the wonderful people at Hearts at Home! Every third Thursday of the month, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on the topic of the month. This month’s topic: How has being a mom changed you?

Well, this topic could fill a whole book! In fact, I did write a book about it called: Oh, Baby! 7 Ways a Baby Will Change Your Life the First Year. And now that my youngest “babies” are eight, I’ve realized that the changes keep coming. I’m definitely not the same person I was “pre-children.”

On the negative side…

I’m more tired. In fact, I’m suffering from YEARS of sleep deprivation after 22 years of parenting!

I’ve had less time to pursue my own interests. I love travel, writing, and reading books, and while I’ve been able to continue these activities on a smaller scale, they’ve definitely been curtailed greatly due to the need to care for my children.

I have less money. Do I need to explain this one? Kids are expensive!!

My priorities have shifted from my marriage to my kids. This is an issue that all married couples struggle with. It can be difficult to nourish your relationship with your spouse when you’re consumed with the 24/7 responsibility of caring for children.

My body will never be the same! For years, I weighed 115 pounds and was a size 0-2. Now, after giving birth to four big boys (including a set of twins), my hips have spread, my thighs are jiggly, my belly’s no longer smooth… My body hasn’t seen a bikini in years! But I’m also thrilled that my body was up to the task of nourishing my healthy babies, both before and after their births.

So, those are some of the not-so-good changes I’ve experienced since becoming a mom. But, like most women, I’d have to say that the good changes far outweigh the sacrifices.

I’m no longer so driven. Pre-kids, I was very focused on a career. If I wasn’t advancing in an organization, I moved on. Making more money and prestige was important. After having kids, that all flew out the window. I just wanted to be able to help support my family and be a great mom. Climbing the corporate ladder no longer seemed relevant or attractive.

I’ve become less self-focused. I’m a natural introvert. Honestly, I don’t need a lot of friends, and I hate going to parties. I’m perfectly content to stay home and read a good book or watch a movie. But having kids has forced me to interact more with the world. I’ve gotten to know other parents who have added depth to my life, and I can’t get away with being a hermit any longer.

My kids give me unconditional love. There’s nothing better than a hug from your child when you’re feeling down. Having kids means that I’ll always have “family” and people who love me for myself, despite my flaws. Isn’t that what life is all about?

So, what about you? How has being a mom changed you? Feel free to comment below and visit the other blogs participating in Third Thursday Thoughts for inspiration!

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  1. Parenting has most definitely changed me. I can really identify with the "being less self focused" part. I didn't realize how selfish I was until I got married, then I REALLY realized how selfish I was when I had kids. They have changed me, my perspective of life, of what's important and filled me with so much love and blessings and rewards. I am not the same person I was 24 years ago before my first child.

  2. I'm just 14 years and five kids into parenting and I'm TIRED, too. Always wondering what it might feel like to sleep through the night again! But I love how God has proven Himself to be strength and energy in these crazy days with a house full of kids. I didn't really FEEL the need to lean on Him too often in my pre-kids days. Kids have made me desperate for Jesus!

  3. It's funny, I can totally identify with each thing on your list~ especially the part about hips spreading ;) Like Alicia, I love that kids require us to lean in deeper on Him for strength and trust~ I'd never survive without it! Thanks for hopping with us!


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