Monday, May 21, 2012

The Rizers: Fun Scripture-Pop Music for Kids!

Summer’s almost here, and that means the arrival of millions of kids at Vacation Bible Schools across the nation. The people who run VBS programs know the importance of making things fun so that children will love learning about the Bible. A company called Super Big Robot, LLC also knows how to bring the Bible to kids through its series of music CDs featuring The Rizers! Short for “Memorizers,” The Rizers are a group of cute cartoon characters:

Gracie (lead vocals)
Matty C (guitar and vocals)
Mei Mei (keytar)
A-Yo (drums)
Johnny Danger (bass)

They make joyful, Bible-based kids’ music in the imaginary town of Rizing Springs! Each song they sing is based on a specific Bible verse. Their CDs are highly entertaining for children, and a great way for them to learn God’s Word. The video below features the song “Trust in the Lord!” based on Proverbs 3:5-6 from the CD, “The Rizers: Rise Up!”:

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Kids will love The Rizers website, too. They can get to know the band members, download fun wallpaper, and order CDs and t-shirts. If you’re running a VBS or children’s program, be sure to contact them at for bulk rates.

Encourage the children in your life to listen to the “Scripture-Pop music” from The Rizers! Please check out their two CDs, “Meet the Rizers” and “The Rizers: Rise Up!” through the links below.


The Rizers website:


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