Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Elves Aren’t Just for Christmas Anymore!

If you were reading my blog at Christmastime, you may recall that some very special elves visit our household during the Christmas season, courtesy of Elf Magic. Four adorable but mischievous elves show up on the weekend after Thanksgiving and become part of our household until Christmas arrives! My children sprinkle them with magic snowflakes at bedtime, and they awake each morning to discover that the elves have engaged in many Elfcapades while they slept! They’re always hiding in a different spot each day, and my boys love trying to find where their fun elves are hiding.

Well, this month my boys got an even bigger surprise from their elves because they came to Florida for a vacation! My boys awoke one morning to find the elves perched against their bed with a note saying that they had been working so hard making toys for next Christmas that Santa gave them a few days off to visit their wonderful friends. The elves even arrived wearing new pajamas! The boys were delighted at the unexpected surprise of seeing their magic Christmas elves here in May. Even our cat, Jack, was excited to see them!

Just like at Christmastime, they sprinkled their elves with magic snowflakes each evening, and every morning they had the task of trying to figure out where those mischievous elves were hiding! On the last morning of the elves’ stay, the boys woke to find the elves in bed with them. They wanted one last cuddle before heading back to the North Pole. When they departed, the elves left another note behind thanking the boys for playing with them and making their vacation so special. They also promised they’d be back for more fun at Christmas!

If Elf Magic elves already visit your children at Christmas, or if you’d like to start a new tradition, I suggest that you visit and find some very special elf friends for your children or some new outfits for their current friends. There are all kinds of Forever Elf Fashions available, and be sure to visit the site in August when they’ll be unveiling even more new Elfits, plus accessories for the Magic Reindeer friends! My children love our Elf Magic tradition, and I know your family will, too!


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