Monday, April 02, 2012

Join Patrick Dempsey in Supporting The Peloton Project for Those Impacted by Cancer

If you or someone you love has been impacted by cancer, you’ll want to know about The Peloton Project! Four-time cancer survivor, Laura Davis, has teamed up with Patrick Dempsey (yes, “McDreamy” from Grey’s Anatomy!) to produce a documentary film about the project called, appropriately, The Peloton Film. The Peloton Project will follow nearly 40 cyclists on a 2,500-mile ride from Alberta, Calgary, Canada to Lewiston, Maine where they will participate in the Dempsey Challenge. Cyclists will complete the ride in just 10 days, cycling relay-style day and night.

Woven throughout the team’s journey across North America will be stories of cancer survivors, caregivers, and of a patient just diagnosed. Cyclists will be paired up with these “cancer warriors” and will be riding in their honor. Along the route, the cyclists and survivors will have the chance to correspond via video chats, which will be broadcast on the film’s website: The finish line to the film is the starting line for the Dempsey Challenge where the cyclists and warriors will meet in person for the first time. This is sure to be an amazing journey that could be just the inspiration a cancer patient needs to give them the strength to get through their battle!

To get the documentary started, they’ve launched a Kickstarter project to raise $20,000. While the budget for the film will actually add up to more than $600,000, this grassroots effort is a way to demonstrate to potential corporate sponsors that a lot of people are supporting this film. And here’s where you come in… Anyone can back the film at any amount that is comfortable for them ... even $1! The catch with Kickstarter, though, is that no money changes hands unless they reach their goal. In other words, they need to get more than $10,000 pledged from backers on Kickstarter by 11:59 p.m. this Friday, April 6 in order to make this film a reality.

In addition to pledging a donation, here are other ways you can help spread the word:

1. Visit to learn more about the project. (Click on the Kickstarter link to see recent updates, as well as recent media coverage of the film.)

2. Like The Peloton Film on Facebook and share this project on your Facebook page(s). (Tag The Peloton Film.)

3. Follow @thepelotonfilm on Twitter and tweet about it! Tweet to @thepelotonfilm with the hashtag #pelotonfilm and include this link:

4. Post about the project on your blog or website if you have one.

5. Email 5 (or more) people about the project!

I think that just about everyone has been impacted by cancer in one way or another. I encourage you to join Patrick Dempsey and Laura Davis in supporting The Peloton Project and help to bring hope and resources to treat and eradicate cancer.

DISCLOSURE: As a thank-you for posting this information, I will be entered into a drawing to win some great prizes associated with this project.


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