Friday, April 27, 2012

Hyland’s Defend Products: All-Natural Relief for Coughs and Colds! Plus, Hyland’s Is Giving Away $100 SpaFinder Gift Certificates to Moms!

This was a good winter in our household for colds. We had about two each, and our care package from Hyland’s came right at the perfect time. Since there is nothing for kids under 6 for cough, I am always trying to find remedies that work for nighttime cough. Our bedtime routine for about two weeks was bath, book, barking (coughing) and barfing (excuse the word, but had to stick with the Bs)! I tried everything from humidifiers, Vicks on the chest and feet, steam room, cold air, and window opened, but nothing seemed to work.

After trying Hyland’s Defend Cold and Cough Night Syrup, things got a bit better. We still had the coughing, but it never lasted as long, and the vomiting seemed to stop due to the shorter coughing spells. We all had our turn with the nighttime formula, and I must say it was wonderful for kids as well as adults. And the regular Cold and Cough syrup was wonderful as well. Both products are 100% natural and soothe symptoms such as nasal congestion, cough, sore throat, sneezing and sleeplessness. I love the size of the bottles -- 8 fluid ounces seems to be the perfect size for cold/flu season.

Hyland’s has many products for you and your family to try. There is something for everyone, and not just for coughs and colds. Hyland’s has sleep aids, baby teething tablets and colic relief, pain relief, products for women, allergies and more. Check them out at They’re 100% natural!


Hyland’s is giving away $100 SpaFinder gift certificates to 25 lucky moms this May! All they have to do is visit to enter. No purchase is necessary. Whether trying to win a SpaFinder gift certificate as a treat for themselves, their partner or their mom, ALL entrants will also receive a promotional code for 10% off SpaFinder services. Visitors to the site can also use a free and fun app from Hyland’s to create a free Action Hero Mom e-card to send, download or share for Mother’s Day.

DISCLAIMER: Always check with your physician before administering medical remedies, especially for children. This review should not be considered medical advice. Your experience with this product may differ from mine.


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