Thursday, March 15, 2012

Twitter Blast! Enter to #Win a $100 Amazon Gift Code! #GIVEAWAY

Twitter Blast Sweepstakes

Everyone loves Amazon codes! You can buy anything, and they make it super easy to email your prize to you! Makobi Scribe is sponsoring a monthly Amazon and Twitter Sweepstakes with her friends and would love you to enter. We are giving you a full two weeks to follow all the Twitter accounts, and we are even giving you a bonus at the end if you follow them all. So follow a few each day when you come back to do your daily tweet. HINT: The secret word can be found by clicking the link in the Rafflecopter form. :) Good luck, everyone! If you're a blogger and want to participate in the next Twitter/Facebook Blast for April & May, click here to sign up for the sweepstakes.

Amazon 100 gift card

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I sure enjoy getting free stuff.
    too bad i almost never win

  2. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    what a lot of twitter follows! Sure hope that everyone follows us back.
    When I run out of twitter follows, the first to go are those who do not follow me back.

  3. Oops - I'm sorry - my brain was going numb with all the twitter follows, so it wasn't until after I hit submit for @ericasTFLblog that I realized the link hadn't changed color. So I went to her twitter page and I can't follow her because she has me blocked (which twitter says is a known bug). So please delete that entry! Thanks! It would have been just a few minutes ago.

  4. It probably would have helped if I mentioned that my twitter ID is @bsw529 . I can't believe I could follow everybody else but I lose 25 entries because of a twitter bug - twitter must hate me as much as I hate IT :-)

  5. OK - never mind. I contacted @ericasTFLblog through facebook and she unblocked me on twitter. So I DID follow her :-)


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