Friday, March 30, 2012

Have Easter Dinner Delivered to Your Doorstep from Schwan’s!

My Easter dinner shopping and cooking is going to be a breeze this year because I just got a fabulous shipment from Schwan’s Home Delivery! They have everything you need to prepare a delicious Easter dinner for your family. My delivery included a sliced ham; au gratin potatoes; green peas; a triple berry, apple and rhubarb pie with vanilla sauce; and vanilla ice cream! I am so excited to turn these items into this:

My mother-in-law is visiting from Alaska, and when she saw the food arrive from Schwan’s, she got so excited. She said that her sister in Nebraska orders food from Schwan’s all the time, and absolutely loves their food and service!

I had never heard of Schwan’s Home Delivery service, so I headed over to the Schwan’s website to check it out. All I can say is “Wow!” I couldn’t believe the huge variety of items they sell: fruits and veggies, meat, seafood, desserts, beverages, ice cream, appetizers, pizza and pasta, side dishes, entrees, and more! In fact, they have more than 350 frozen food options that come right to your door. There’s even a loyalty program for repeat customers.

Get started with Schwan’s by ordering your Easter dinner! They also sell gift cards that would make a perfect gift for an older or disabled person who has a hard time getting out to shop. I hope you’ll visit today!


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