Friday, March 30, 2012

Exclusive Interview with Ashland Menshouse, Author of "The Last Seer and the Tomb of Enoch"

What is this book about?

Five mismatched teens in Appalachia, who’ve just entered high school, stumble upon a hidden battle between a Bigfoot and a ghost over a tomb of buried angels, known as Watchers. The new band of friends has to figure out who is on the side of right and who is evil, and stop their town from falling apart. It’s a little bit spooky, but it’s mostly adventure and lots of fun.

How did you get the idea for this book?

Two important aspects of my life are my faith and my pursuit of scientific study. And although truth and understanding can be found from both of these, there are still things in our world that are inexplicable and possibly incomprehensible. I enjoy thinking about those things, which we understand so very little. So a book where everyday kids find themselves struggling against the unknown to solve a mystery was fun for me to write.

When did you start writing? Do you have any advice for beginning writers?

I’ve been writing since middle school, but mostly poetry when I was younger. When I was in post-secondary school, I focused more on my studies and wrote little for fun. Now that I’m older and settled, it was the perfect time to write larger works. It took me a little more than two years to write this book, my first.

My advice for beginning writers is never give up. Put your helmet on, keep your nose to the floor and keep moving forward, no matter what anyone tells you.

Why did you decide to write a book in this genre?

I work with ill and injured children, so writing books for children and teens has become a natural branch of my main passion. Also, I’ve always been a huge fan of science fiction and adventure fantasy, so it was easier for me to write what I enjoy.

Do you plan a sequel or future books?

Yes. I’ve nearly completed the second book, The Last Guardian and the Keeper of the Magi, and I’m already plot-planning for the third book, The Last Nazirite and the Shadow Light.

Do you have a website? How can we order this book?

Visit, plenty of information and links available there. My book is available in hardcover, paperback and e-reader at and

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