Friday, March 16, 2012

Book Review: Victory on the Home Front, by D.S. Grier

Victory on the Home Front, a middle-grade novel by D.S. Grier, is the story of four brothers during World War II. Not only do they live during a difficult time in history, but they have problems even closer to home as they live with alcoholic parents. Each boy copes with his troubled home life in different ways. Oldest son James becomes a super-achiever, afraid to let anyone down. Les just wants to run away from life and get out of town. Charlie and Johnny have their own ways of coping, too.

Fortunately for the MacGregor brothers, they have extended family members who see what is happening to the boys and intervene. With their help, the boys begin to see the potential that each one has for making a contribution to the world. Their family’s love and support will help them to get through the ultimate test of their lives when the war becomes deeply personal.

Author D.S. Grier really understands what makes boys tick. The emotions and needs of the four brothers in Victory on the Home Front are vividly revealed as they struggle with a troubled home life, making friends, and the realities of World War II. This is a story of hardship, but also of hope as each boy finds his way in the world with the help of key people in their lives.

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  1. Your review nearly templates my feelings about this story. I would add that us older ones get closer to middle-grade ones and really enjoy playing "kick the can" (Twilight zone)by reading this kind of book.


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