Friday, March 09, 2012

Book Review and Giveaway: “Lord, Teach Us to Pray,” by Alexander Whyte

I recently received a copy of Lord, Teach Us to Pray by Alexander Whyte from Kingsley Press.

Lord, Teach Us to Pray is probably the finest single book of sermons on prayer by any Evangelical preacher. -- Warren Wiersbe

About the Book
Dr. Alexander Whyte (1836-1921) was widely acknowledged to be the greatest Scottish preacher of his day. He was a mighty pulpit orator who thundered against sin, awakening the consciences of his hearers, and then gently leading them to the Savior. He was also a great teacher, who would teach a class of around 500 young men after Sunday night service, instructing them in the way of the Lord more perfectly.

In the later part of Dr. Whyte’s ministry, one of his pet topics was prayer. Luke 11:1 was a favorite text and was often used in conjunction with another text as the basis for his sermons on this subject. The sermons printed here represent only a few of the many delivered. But each one is deeply instructive, powerful and convicting.

Read a sample chapter here.

You may order Lord, Teach Us to Pray from Amazon or directly from Kingsley Press.

My opinion:
Most people would consider this book a “heavy” read because it’s a series of sermons, but I found that if I read a little bit at a time and really focused on Dr. Whyte’s words, there were many nuggets of wisdom in this book. For example:

“We do not, properly speaking, pour out our hearts before God -- we pour our hearts upon God. We do not pour out our hearts before His feet; we pour out our hearts upon His heart.”

“The highest heaven is not so called because it is away up above and beyond all the stars that we see. It is called the highest heaven because it is immeasurably and inconceivably above and beyond us in its blessedness and in its glory -- in its truth, in its love, in its peace, and in its joy in God.”

“God is present to His children in a special and in a peculiar way when they enter their closet and shut their door. … And if you keep the door shut, and give things time to work, very soon your Father and you will be the whole world to one another.”

“It is in the heart of man that God establishes His temple. His high throne is prepared and set up in the heart of man. His holy altars are builded and kindled in the heart of man. The sacrifices that alone please God are offered continually in the heart of man.”

As you read daily through these sermons, the messages begin to sink in and reveal God’s great love for us. If you’re interested in understanding Scripture and prayer more thoroughly, you’ll find profound wisdom in reading Lord, Teach Us to Pray.


Kingsley Press is giving away a copy of Lord, Teach Us to Pray to one lucky reader. Enter to win a copy of this classic for yourself or as a gift for a pastor or teacher in your church! It would also be a great resource for your church library. There are 11 blogs participating in this book tour!

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DISCLOSURE: I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of this review.


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