Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why You Should Foster a Healthy Curiosity in Your Child

Guest post by Jonathan Mugan
Author of The Curiosity Cycle: Preparing Your Child for the Ongoing Technological Explosion

Curiosity makes life interesting. Instead of sitting in school learning meaningless facts, a child with a healthy curiosity actively gathers information to answer questions in the same way a baseball card collector seeks to complete a set. And with the increasing pace of technological innovation, curiosity is no longer a luxury -- it is required for success. The Curiosity Cycle provides practical methods for helping your child become a lifelong learner.

Curiosity is more than a desire to collect facts. It is a drive to create a holistic understanding of the environment. We’ve all known people who had sharp minds but whose precise calculations somehow ended up being beside the point. Such errors stem from a piecewise, shallow understanding of the world. A deeper understanding is especially critical for successfully interacting with other people and recognizing our own limitations and biases. This book will help you teach your child to connect everything he or she knows into a deep web of knowledge that can be used to avoid dangers and foresee changes in the world.

Your child will grow up into a society that will seem incomprehensible to those of us who remember life before the World Wide Web. Computers are getting smarter every year, and our increasingly dependent partnership with them presents dangers and opportunities. Those who are only capable of performing work that can be done by a computer will lose their jobs because the machines will be cheaper than hiring a human. But the children who grow up with a drive to understand and change the world will have tools at their disposal that we can only dream of. These tools will allow them to not only have the satisfaction of a productive career; their work will be a natural expression of their creative drive.

Learn more about The Curiosity Cycle and author Jonathan Mugan at http://jonathanmugan.com/CuriosityCycle/.


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