Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Teaching Children That Kindness Matters, Plus a Master Lock Giveaway Bonus Entry!

Previously, I shared with you how Master Lock is participating in National Random Acts of Kindness Week. They’ll be handing out free locks and inspirational notes in six different areas of the country! But they’re also hoping to inspire everyone to perform their own random acts of kindness. And, as parents, it’s especially important that we teach our children that kindness matters. Most likely, you can remember a time in your childhood when another child was mean to you or teased you. Let’s face it: Kids can be really mean to one another! That’s often because they are still learning to empathize with other people. So, how can you teach empathy to your kids?
  • When you see your child being mean, ask him or her, “How would you feel if someone said (or did) that to you?”
  • Read books about kindness and sharing, and talk about how happy it makes people feel.
  • Take your children to volunteer for a fundraising event or encourage them to save part of their allowance for a charity.
  • Set a good example. Make sure your kids catch you being kind!
  • When you see another child sitting alone at the park, encourage your child to ask him or her to play.
And don’t forget to praise your child when you see him or her doing something nice for someone else. Positive reinforcement will encourage kids to continue to be kind to others. Hopefully, it will become a lifelong habit!

BONUS ENTRY: Each day this week, I’ll be adding a bonus entry to the Master Lock Giveaway I’m hosting! Today’s bonus entry asks the question: How do you teach your children to be kind to others? CLICK HERE to go to the Master Lock Giveaway and get your bonus entry!

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  1. Great post and what a kind thing they are doing.


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