Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On Writing "The Dad Connection: A Bridge to Your Children" by Scott Hanley

I didn’t start out with the intent to write a book. My original idea was to create a simple chronicle of my experiences as a single dad; a collection of reflections on my challenges, understandings and feelings. I thought it would be something perhaps my boys might find amusing, or at best something they could find of value when they embarked on their own journeys of raising their children.

The material for this book developed from dozens of traffic-congested trips in my truck while I was on my way to various work sites. I was able to describe my process in real time by talking into a tape recorder that I screwed to the floor of my truck as I weaved, started, and stopped my way through the infamous Boston streets and highway interchanges.

Three years later, I had thirteen 90-minute audio cassette tapes filled on both sides. I tossed them into an old Nike shoebox and put them in the closet. After moving to Portland, Oregon a few years later, I stumbled upon the box of tapes while digging out from the move. As a birthday gift, a close friend offered to transcribe them (I don’t think she knew what she was getting into). When I first began to read them, they were quite a mess. Even I couldn’t understand them! Some ten years later, with the help of a few writing classes and dozens of rewrites, my journey through fatherhood became this book.

~Scott Hanley

Read more from Scott on his blog at scotthanley.wordpress.com. You can purchase The Dad Connection on Amazon.


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