Monday, February 06, 2012

Lapiluv: The Wearable Activity Center for Your Baby!

It never ceases to amaze me what is available now for your baby’s entertainment. Even in the past five years, the gizmos and gadgets have become so cool and soooo entertaining (for the young and old)! Lapiluv is an activity center that is worn by an adult to entertain your baby. On those days when your baby does not want to be put down and wants to be carried everywhere, you become their toy! One side of this reversible apron is for the six attachable toys that come with the lapiluv. They are hooked on by link rings, and they are easy to change around, and add or remove new and old toys for variety. Flip it over, and it’s all about the technology. It has spaces for all of your techno gadgets, such as your iPad and smartphone. Download some baby-friendly apps, and you have hours of entertainment for you and your baby.

The great thing about lapiluv is that you’re not using these toys and tools for a babysitter. You are having face-to-face time with your precious child, sitting in your lap or cuddled in your arms. And lapiluv is great for trips on a plane, meetings you are attending, eating out at a restaurant or in a waiting room when you have an appointment. It comes with a carry bag that everything will fit into, and you can easily toss it into your diaper bag or purse. Lapilu is a great invention!

Check out to see all the features of this activity center and to find out what gadgets are compatible with the media pockets. It is machine washable, made from soft denim and cotton, and retails for $69.99. Lapiluv would make a really cool and unique baby shower present for the new parents in your life!


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