Monday, February 27, 2012

Join Us for the Friendly Followers Blog Hop!

Friendly Follwers Blog Hop hosted by The Knit Wit by Shair and Multi-Testing Mommy

Welcome to the Friendly Followers Blog Hop hosted by The Knit Wit by Shair and Multi-Testing Mommy where their goal is:

• you will find some new blogs to read
• you will gain some more followers
• you will gain some more friends
• you will get a new genuine comment or two

Each week, they will have a FEATURED FRIEND. If you are interested in having a chance of being the FEATURED FRIEND, please fill in this form. The FEATURED FRIEND will get spot #3 in the hop and it will be a requirement for blog hoppers to follow them and the two hosts before adding their link. This week, I’m thrilled that this blog, Susan Heim on Parenting, is the “featured friend”! I hope you’ll join us this week to:

1. Follow the two hosts’ links and the featured friend link.
2. Enter your link (any ONE SOCIAL MEDIA link you choose -- NOT a direct link to a blog/website).
3. Follow as many people as you can throughout the week.
4. Try to make this genuine! Leave a genuine comment after following someone new and let them know you came from Friendly Followers so that they can follow you back.
5. It would be awesome if you followed back everyone that followed you!


  1. I am trying to follow Multi-Testing Mommy on Twitter and it keeps telling me that my account may not allow this action. Anyone ever have this error?

  2. Did I read this wrong? It said to enter a social media link, not a link to your direct blog/website correct? I just went through 4 different links and was taken to their blog post, not a social media. =0(

  3. Thanks for hosting the code!!


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