Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inspiring Kindness, Plus a Master Lock Giveaway Bonus Entry!

Yesterday, I shared with you how Master Lock is participating in National Random Acts of Kindness Week. They’ll be handing out free locks and inspirational notes in six different areas of the country! And they're also giving away prizes all week on their Facebook page. But they’re also hoping to inspire everyone to perform their own random acts of kindness. Here are some things I’ve heard of other people doing:
  • Pay the bill for the car behind you in the fast-food drive-thru line.
  • Insert a quarter in an expired parking meter.
  • Smile and say “hello” to someone you pass on the street.
  • Give someone a sincere compliment today!
  • Write a letter to someone telling them how much you appreciate them. (Even an email or a text is nice!)
  • Take a small gift, like a potted plant, to an elderly neighbor.
As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to perform a random act of kindness, but it often pays off in a BIG way! Don’t you get a big smile on your face when someone does something unexpectedly nice for you? How will you put that same smile on somebody’s face today?

BONUS ENTRY: Each day this week, I’ll be adding a bonus entry to the Master Lock Giveaway I’m hosting! Today’s bonus entry asks the question: How will you be participating in National Random Acts of Kindness Week? CLICK HERE to go to the Master Lock Giveaway and get your bonus entry!


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