Friday, February 03, 2012

Fun Hair Color for All Ages with Streekers!

We have had so much fun with Streekers -- another reason I am glad I had a girl! Sadie loves to play dress-up, hairdresser, and all things girly, so she was super excited when I showed her the Streekers I received for review! We got to try the yellow and red bottles, and we did some fun things to our hair. I was a little worried about how well the colors would come out in Sadie’s dark brown hair, but they showed up -- and she thought she would like to change her hair to yellow all over!

The great thing about Streekers is that it is easy to use and not messy. You see the color right away, and it washes right out. I am sure we will have lots more fun with Streekers -- Sadie is already talking about the red color for Valentine’s Day! Streekers would also be great for Halloween or just for playing around.

Check out the 8 different colors at Guaranteed fun in a bottle for all ages! Visit them on Facebook and Twitter, too.


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