Monday, February 06, 2012

Exclusive Interview with J.E. Lowder, Author of “Tears of Min Brock”!

What is this book about?
Tears of Min Brock is Book #1 in the young adult fantasy series, War of Whispers. Here’s the synopsis: When Elabea, a girl of fourteen summers, hears a whisper calling her name, she asks, “Is this proof that the land of Claire wasn’t destroyed in the Dark War?” But her question ignites fear in her village. “The Oracles of the Cauldron forbid you to speak … the name! Death will come! We will be cursed!” Furthermore, when her best friend, Galadin, rallies beside her, the villagers divulge a dark secret: Their fathers were the only survivors of the massacre at Min Brock. Forged as outcasts of their own homes and village, they fear the worst when the Cauldron sends warriors to destroy them. Desperate, they flee to Claire where Elabea is promised to become an all-powerful storyteller and Galadin a great warrior. But does Claire exist? And if it does, will it be an ally or a greater foe? Battling whispers, warriors and mysterious creatures, Elabea and Galadin must also contend with the darker questions about their fathers’ past and the … Tears of Min Brock.

How did you get the idea for this book?
About ten years ago, I had a crisis of faith. When I was in the darkest part, friends suggested I start journaling. Well, my creative brain thought: Why not spew it out into a story instead? So I drew upon my pain and hurt, as well as my subsequent discovery of life and (here’s the kicker) joy-filled faith, and poured everything (emotionally/spiritually speaking) into the characters and plot. At the same time, I didn’t want to write in a style that was “churchy” or “preachy” in order to appeal to those who aren’t of faith. Also, please don’t think I’ve solved any great theological riddles or quandaries! The series is more of a “look inside” our characters when life and faith don’t seem to work (or line up).

Is this your first book? If not, what else have you written?
Technically, this is my first book, although it’s definitely not the first thing I’ve written. I’ve written short stories and some novellas, but never pitched them to get published.

When did you start writing?
The real question is, “When did you start telling stories?” Back in “the day,” when taking family vacations, I’d get bored on the long trips. Remember, this is before DVD players and iPhones. So to entertain myself, I’d pick on my younger sister. This, of course, prompted my dad to threaten me with, “Don’t make me stop this car!” which in turn had Mom suggest, “Why don’t you tell her a story?” I guess Mom knew I had a wild imagination, so I opted for storytelling over Dad’s punishment. In regards to writing, I dabbled some in high school and college, but didn’t get serious until my crisis of faith hit.

Why did you decide to write a book in this genre?
I chose fantasy because of the allegory I could utilize to convey the various themes running through the series: good versus evil; redemption from chaos. It also allowed me to portray the hidden elements, the whispers and the Cauldron’s drone, in a tangible manner that would only work in the fantasy genre. Plus, it allowed me the freedom to come up with some creepy creatures!

Do you plan a sequel or future books?
Absolutely! What most people don’t realize is that the four books for the War of Whispers series are done! Yes, I’ll tweak them one more time, and my editor needs to do her magic, but I can’t wait to get them out! In regards to other books outside the series, my brain looks like LAX airport full of stories and ideas just waiting to take off.

Do you have a website?

How can we order this book?
Easy! Go to the website, click on “Buy the Book,” and you’ll be swooshed away to It’s also on Christian Book as well as Barnes & Noble.


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