Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Entice Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies with Hidden Valley Ranch Recipes!

My son, Caleb, like me, is not a vegetable eater. But when we dip vegetables in Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, we can’t eat enough! And research backs up this finding: A recent scientific study confirmed that pairing vegetables with ranch dressing can help “bitter-sensitive kids” (and adults like me) overcome vegetable aversion. Fortunately, Hidden Valley makes it easy for Caleb and I to indulge our veggies-in-dip cravings. They make bottled dressing, ranch dressing mixes, dips and salad toppings. And I absolutely love their Hidden Valley Ranch On-the-Go cups so I can easily put dressing in my children’s lunch bags, along with baby carrots or celery sticks for dipping. (There’s a “light” version, too!)

February is National Snack Food Month, and Hidden Valley has come up with some terrific recipes that just might help your kids to enjoy some nutritious snacks! Click on the links below for these delicious and easy recipes:

Our whole family loves Hidden Valley Ranch products. My veggie-loving husband and son, Austen, put the dressing on their salads. And we mix up Hidden Valley Ranch Dips for guests whenever we host a holiday party so they can dip cut-up vegetables and chips. But I’m most grateful that I’ve found a way to get more veggies into Caleb’s diet (and mine, too)! Visit to find many more recipes and even videos that show how to make some of their dishes. And be sure to look for Hidden Valley Ranch products at your grocery store!


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