Monday, February 27, 2012

Burt’s Bees Products Are Essential for Winter Woes!

I bet you have heard of -- and probably tried -- Burt’s Bees products before. I have been a fan of Burt’s Bees for a long time. My most favorite product ever has got to be the Beeswax Lip Balm. I have never found another as good. I also had the opportunity to try out their new sensitive skin care line awhile back, and it is amazing. What I didn’t realize is how many products Mr. Burt has out there!

Just in time for cold/flu season this winter, I got to try out Burt’s Bees Natural Throat Drops in honey flavor. With menthol and eucalyptus oil, they are 100% natural. They are great-tasting and really coat your throat. I find them effective for a scratchy throat as well as a sore one and a mild cough. I gave my daughter, Sadie, one during one of her coughing fits. (Note: Not recommended for children under 5.) She loved the taste, and it worked well for her, too.

Another product I love is the Essential Burt’s Bees Kit. It includes everything you need for your skin in the winter weather. The Coconut Foot Cream keeps your feet nice and smooth and moisturized. I have been using it on my feet, and I feel they will be ready for flip flop season very soon. The Hand Salve is amazing for my dry hands. Wiping snotty noses and changing diapers sends me to the sink to wash up several times a day, and my hands become really dry. This salve is great. I lather up at night, and by morning my hands are like new. I love the Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Lotion, too. I have used it on myself as well as Sadie. I love the smell, and it works so well on the dry areas, like the knees and elbows. The Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream is a really nice cleanser, too. It doesn’t dry out my skin and has a nice mild smell to relax me before bed.

I really have not come across one Burt’s Bees product I did not like. Try them out. You will not be disappointed. Check out all the products at and your local retailer.


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