Monday, January 30, 2012

Make It Fun for Everyone with “Family Game Night 4: The Game Show” for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360! #FGN4

Our “family game nights” at home usually involve board games because I just can’t compete with the kids when it comes to most video games! But we recently discovered a video game at which I actually feel competitive! It’s called Family Game Night 4: The Game Show, and it’s available for Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. We’ve been having a ball with the Wii version. Based on the hit TV show, Family Game Night 4: The Game Show includes the following games:

CONNECT 4 Basketball
YAHTZEE! Bowling
SORRY! Sliders
BOP-IT Boptagon

Just like the show, players win MONOPOLY Crazy Cash after each game, and the player with the most cash at the end wins! You can opt to play all five games to compete for the championship or just select individual games that you love. I usually have a chance at beating my boys in SCRABBLE Flash and YAHTZEE! Bowling. But they beat me every time in CONNECT 4 Basketball and BOP-IT Boptagon! We all seem to have a chance at winning in SORRY! Sliders because it’s more of a chance game.

My kids also love the funny antics of the game’s host, Mr. Potato Head! If you’re looking for a fun video game that “kids” of all ages can play together, you’ll definitely want to check out Family Game Night 4: The Game Show from Electronic Arts. It’s easy to learn and so much fun to play together!

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DISCLOSURE: Thanks to Electronic Arts for providing a complimentary copy of this game for my honest review.


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