Monday, January 30, 2012

FarmMatch: A Fun and Free iPhone App for the Whole Family!

I may have told you before, but my daughter is a car sleeper. It can be the seven minutes it takes to get to her grandparents or the twenty-minute drive it takes to get to town... It doesn’t matter ... she falls asleep! I have a really hard time keeping her awake. I have tried music, DVDs, talking, singing, rolling down the windows ... nothing seems to work when she is “in the zone.” It makes for hard times when she falls asleep late in the day and it results in a delayed bedtime and a cranky start the next morning.

So, I was very excited to try out the Farm Match iPhone App with Sadie. I was hoping that if it really required her attention to play, it would help get us from point A to point B with her awake! Since turning 4, she has become more interested in computer games and hand-held devices, along with all the other technology around her on a daily basis.

We played the game together at home first, and she loved it right away. (I thought it was fun, too!) I loved that it wasn’t just a game but that she was also learning to match and to think with her memory. It has helped a lot in the car as it keeps her attention and interest, and it’s simple enough that she can do it by herself in the back seat. It has even been great as an activity for her and my 18-month-old niece to play. At different ages, they can still enjoy the same game in different ways. We all love it! I hope you’ll check out this free app on iTunes!

DISCLOSURE: This is my honest opinion of this product. Blogtricity also provided me with a discount code to Growing Tree Toys as a thank-you for taking the time to review this product.


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