Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Easy Way to Make Pretty Cupcakes

By Dennis Weaver

Last week, our sweet daughter Katie got married. I never realized that a marriage and reception could be so much work. It was worth it.

Debbie, my other daughter, and I made cream filled cupcakes for the reception—dozens upon dozens of them. Now before Debbie and I sound like heroes, let me point out that pretty cupcakes can be quick and easy. Here’s how we did it:

• We made the cupcakes with box cake mixes—easy cupcakes.
• We filled them with Bavarian cream or chocolate Bavarian cream. It only takes about a minute to fill a dozen cupcakes—with no prep or cleanup—using premade fillings.
• We used buttercream frosting mixes to make the frosting.
• We applied the frosting with pastry bags.

The quickest way to frost cupcakes is with a pastry bag. We used giant 22" pastry bags so that we could make big batches of buttercream frosting and put it all in the bag at one time. We frosted dozens of cupcakes without stopping to make a new batch and refill the bags.

Now, I’m going to try to explain how to do this but it’s easier to see. So I’ve asked Julie to show us in a video. Once you see it, it’s easy.

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