Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Build-a-Bear Fun Packs and Trading Cards Have Arrived Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

If you’re looking for a cute Valentine’s Day gift idea for your kids -- and want to avoid bringing more candy into the house! -- you’ll want to check out this new product: Build-a-Bear Workshop Fun Pack plus Furry Friend! This cute little package contains one of 12 little furry friends, a shirt, fabric stickers, a friendship heart, 3 trading cards, a collector’s guide with activities, and an online code so kids can play online at bearville.com! The bears are mini-versions of those you’ll find in a Build-a-Bear store. We received a little black teddy bear named Dimples. He’s so cute! Besides bears, they have kitties and bunnies, too!

The Build-a-Bear Workshop Fun Packs are also great for kids to trade with their friends. The suggested retail price is just $5.99, and they’re available at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and other popular retailers. You can also purchase the Build-a-Bear Workshop Trading Card Fun Packs! Each pack is only $1.99 and contains 2 Trading Cards, a Tattoo Set, a Scratch-Off Activity Card, and a bearville.com online code card. Hand these out for Valentine’s Day or save them for your children’s Easter baskets! We’re going to attach card packs to kids’ birthday gifts.

If your children love Build-a-Bear, then they’ll be delighted with these new little Furry Friends and Trading Cards on Valentine’s Day! Pick up some additional sets for their friends so they can swap them, play with them, and enjoy online games, too.


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