Friday, January 20, 2012

An ABC Award, My Acceptance Speech, and Awesome Bloggers!

Are you a follower of Pamela Zimmer at Stories of a Mom? You definitely need to check out her insightful and awesome blog! I’m a new fan, but after reading through her posts, I knew I had to become a subscriber. Pamela and I have a lot in common because not only are we both raising boys, but she is also a published writer. You can find her story in the book, Get Your Woman On! Embracing Beauty, Grace & The Power of Women. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that she had awarded me an Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award!

I’m told that as part of my “acceptance speech” I need to tell you seven things that you might not know about me. Wow, that’s tough! But here’s what I managed to come up with…

1. I’m an introvert. A party invitation fills me with dread! I love it when my calendar shows no social obligations for the day so I can relax at home without the need to make conversation. I am truly a recluse!

2. I love to travel. This may seem like a contradiction to #1 above, but even though I’m not a “people person,” I love to learn and explore new places. I’d accept a ticket to just about anyplace as long as it’s safe. My retirement dream is to explore the world!

3. I want to be a student again. I’ve always regretted not getting my master’s degree after I finished my bachelor’s. I’m actually jealous of my two sons who are now in college! So, I’m thinking about heading back to class to get that advanced degree.

4. I collect squashed pennies. Everywhere I go, I look for those machines that allow you to insert a penny, which gets flattened and imprinted with a scene from the place I’m visiting (Disney, Kennedy Space Center, etc.). Why do I collect them? I have no idea! Probably because they’re the cheapest souvenir in the often over-priced gift shop. (They’re usually 51 cents apiece!)

5. I like (nonpoisonous) snakes. I wouldn’t own one because I think they deserve to stay in the wild, but when I have an opportunity to hold a snake, I volunteer. They feel soft and silky to the touch. When I was a little girl, I actually brought home a garter snake I found that had been slightly injured. My mother was not amused.

6. I love to be warm. Being cold makes me miserable. I moved to Florida 25 years ago, and I love it here. Of course, there are downsides (like any place), but I don’t miss scraping ice off my car, putting on 12 layers of clothes, driving in blizzards, etc. And wool makes me itch!

7. I’m a picky eater. I’m basically a meat, potatoes, and chocolate gal. I wish I liked salads and vegetables, but I just don’t. I firmly believe that we’re programmed with different taste buds. To my husband, all chocolate tastes bitter. To me, it’s sweet! He loves veggies, but I don’t think they taste the same way for me. It’s a curse because I have a hard time choosing recipes that don’t have ingredients I dislike.

And now to pass this award on to other bloggers who also provide Awesome Blog Content! These ladies always make me smile, and I never miss a day of checking out their great blogs.

Frugal Plus – Jill was the first person I thought of when it came time to hand out this award. She is the most supportive blogger I know! It doesn’t matter what favor I ask of her; Jill never says “no.” I love that she’s so non-competitive and does whatever she can to help me and other bloggers succeed.

Three Times the Giggles – Like me, Helen is a mom of multiples (she has triplet boys, plus a baby girl). I wish my blog was more like hers – filled with amusing stories about her family and her gorgeous photography. Her recent blog about insecurity really a touched a cord with me, too.

Mom Spotted
Mom Spotted – Jenne and I are both moms of boys, and I was especially moved by her recent post about gender disappointment because I could really relate to her feelings when I was pregnant with my boys.

Blessed Beyond Words
Blessed Beyond Words – I started following Angie back when her blog was known as 5 Vinez Monkeys. With the addition of baby #6, she’s truly blessed! I hope you’ll check out her wonderful parenting wisdom, product reviews, and great personality!

Just Another New Blog – Dina’s blog is another that I’ve been following for a long time. She always has great content and giveaways. I think she needs to change her blog’s name to “An Awesome Blog”!

Of course, there are many more blogs that I love and highly recommend, but the ladies above are truly worth following! Thanks again to Pamela from Stories of a Mom for this prestigious award!


  1. What an Awesome way to start my Friday out here on the West Coast! Thank you Susan for all your kind words. Your blog is one of my daily go-to Favorites too! You have such Great daily content!

    I'm off to proudly display my Award and check out the other blogs mentioned :)


  2. Awwwww.... thank you! I appreciate it. Have an AWESOME weekend!

  3. Anonymous1:21 PM

    What a great acceptance speech! I am excited to check out your recommendations. Thanks for the love. :)


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