Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Bird (Linky)

In Florida, we often have the pleasure of seeing some gorgeous birds. This egret flew into our yard today. He wasn’t the least bit afraid of us and let me take pictures while he hunted for lizards. First, he hopped on top of our hedge…

Then he took flight and flew over to the grass…

In our palm trees, he found plenty of tasty lizards (and the extension cord for our Christmas lights)…

If you look closely at that picture, you can actually see the lizard in his mouth!

We definitely count on the egrets and other birds to keep down our healthy lizard population. Lizards are everywhere!


  1. I have these in our yard all of the time. It's nice to finally know what type of bird they are ... I have been calling them all cranes ... LOL :) Have a great week, Susan. I have finally linked the button to my new G+ page, I invite you to join us there :)

  2. Great Pics! We have a lot of egrets in the rice fields close by.

  3. I love snowy egrets! They are so beautiful. We have them in the riparian area near our house! Great shots of him hunting! Stopping in from MBS for WW!

  4. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Wow! What a beautiful bird. Love those pictures!

  5. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Those are amazing photos, especially the one with the lizard - Yes, I can actually see it, so cool!
    Thanks for the link up too. I don't have that on my website, but I'm happy to add you to my blogroll. :)
    Stopping by from MBS

  6. Ewwww, but beautiful to the egret. ;-) Great pics!

  7. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Stunning pictures.

  8. Beautiful birds! Stopping from MBS WW!


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