Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spark Your Child’s Creativity and Imagination with Kiwi Crate!

Children between the ages of three and six are always busy, busy, busy! It’s tough to come up with activities that will keep them interested for more than a few minutes. If this describes your little one, you may want to consider a subscription to Kiwi Crate! Every month, Kiwi Crate delivers a box full of hands-on fun to your doorstep with plenty of activities to engage your child.

Each Kiwi Crate has a certain theme, such as Gardening or Dinosaurs. The Kiwi Crate I received for review was called “Colorful Inspiration”! When the Kiwi Crate arrived, it looked like this…

Here is what I saw when I opened the box!

As you can see, it shows pictures of two crafts that are enclosed: “My Stained Glass” and “My Spinning Colors.” Inside the box were all of these wonderful materials!

My sons decided to do the Spinning Colors craft. Using the markers enclosed, we colored each paper disk in crazy designs!

Then we placed each one on the two tops included and spun them! It was fun for the kids to see how the colors changed when they were spinning. One very colorful top looked plain brown when it was spinning! Another one looked almost completely white. Check out the “still” and “spinning” photos of the following top!

My boys really had a lot of fun decorating and spinning their tops. Also inside the crate was a card that said “Explore More!” It gave a link to a web page for additional projects related to the month’s theme. On the back of the card were instructions for one of the crafts -- a tissue paper dyed bag. My Kiwi Crate even included a plain canvas bag and a dropper for doing this craft! All of the activities were age-appropriate for kids 3-6 and have been tested by kids. I love how the card included a “Messiness Meter Alert” telling parents that this particular craft can get a “bit messy” and to be sure your child is wearing a smock or old clothes and the work surface is covered.

If you’d like some really fun projects to do with your little boy or girl, subscribe to Kiwi Crate! You can order Kiwi Crates month-to-month, annually, or in gift sets of three-, six-, or twelve-month periods. Visit Kiwi Crate through the links below!

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  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    That is pretty sweet. I like the "Messiness Meter" alert. Comforting to my OCD. :)


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